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Few simple steps how to set up and establish a connection for transfering files into webserver using FileZilla, what's pretty easy to do.
First, go to http://filezilla-project.org/download.php and download the latest version. Once installing is complete, you can start working.

Required informations are:
* HOSTNAME: www.metlivevideos.com
* USER NAME: u54412298-chip [in that case;)]
* PASSWORD: ********
* PORT: 21 [mostly it's 21st]

1.Open FileZilla and you'll get a window [click on the image to see larger version]:


2.Your filled-out boxes will look like:


3.Now click "Quick connect" button.
Once it's connected you'll see your local folders on PC on your left, on the right side you'll see directories on the webserver to which you've a permission granted by a webmaster:


4.When it's connected, simply drag&drop files/folders from local directories straight into the box on the left, where server files are listed.


...and you'll see the progress goin in the box in the downside of the window.

Njoy and happy uploading;)!