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Just a few, simple rules.


                                                                                          1.Recordings listed on my site are just for my personal enjoyment.

2.You contact me first - you send first.

3.I trade only lossless DVD bootlegs. Remember, not one show for one show, only 1 DVD for 1 DVD.

For dual-layers it's 1DL DVD for 3 DVDs. Don't lie about quality of yours recording, since my infosites are not finished yet, go and compare with those listed at sjmike's site.

In the near future I'll gladly link my shows using his infosites to make things easier.

4.I always use good quality media, like Verbatim or Sony. I don't accept "no name" crap that's flying around. So do the same. Once I'll get shitty discs I'll send them back to you.

5.Don't ask me for B&Ps, I rather like to get my collection bigger.

6.If you'll rip me off I'll do my best to spread a bad word around. Everywhere, believe me.

7.Last, and most important, I don't make any money of my hobby. You won't buy it. Bootlegs are for free.

8.My Sweet says that my rules are too rush. So accept them.


so... let's trade!